Have you ever been so excited that you just threw your hands in the air and waved ’em like you just didn’t care? That’s pretty much how it seems that Wally Von Jelly Beans feels about being rescued and we can’t say we blame her.

Rescued from the inside of a wall after being born in an attic to a feral mother, the caring homeowner, whose house was turned into a cat-turnity ward, cut a hole through his drywall to rescue the poor kitty. Unfortunately, the mother was long gone by the time Wally was extracted, which led The Cat House on Kings to take over caring for this sweet little two-and-half-week-old lass.

We’re totally with Wally on this, being offered a chance at a happy and healthy life due to the care and concern of shelters is just awesome. It makes us want to stand up and cheer for all of the people and places dedicated to adopting out wonderful animals who’ve been rescued from an unnecessary fate. Cats and dogs like Wally would love a caring, forever home and when you support your local shelter instead of buying from a pet store, you give them that chance. Can we get a hey-o!

“Raise the roof, I’ve been rescued!”

Man, all that enthusiasm made me hungry.

Cute Overload

Lead Image Credit: Facebook

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