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Sloths are possibly the most adorable little creatures on the entire planet. They squeek, they wear pajamas, and they’re pretty much the best cure to a bad day ever. While in my ideal world there would be sloth babies crawling around everywhere, the sad reality is that sloths are actually an endangered species.

Some sloth species are at critical risk for extinction due to habitat loss, mainly driven by deforestation. In areas where sloths live in close proximity to humans, sloths also come into danger of being hit by cars, or harmed in other ways. Since baby sloths need constant care and attention, orphaned babies left in the wild do not have a high likelihood of survival.

Lucky for the baby sloths of Gamboa, Panama, Yiscel Yángüez and Néstor Correa run an animal rescue center that takes in orphaned sloths, nurses them back to health and then sets them free back into the wild.

Here is one of the orphaned sloth’s the center is helping to rehabilitate…

While this little cutie sure is cute, he requires 24 hour care, just like a human baby.

Just dropping in for a check up to monitor how he’s growing. With a little time, this tenacious sloth will be ready to head back to the trees

This little guy is ready for release. He’s been nursed by the center since he was an infant and he’s been itching to go back to the wild. 

With a little help shimmying up the tree, he is on his way back to life in the wild. Good luck buddy!


To learn more about the Gamboa Rainforest Resort and Asociación Panamericana Para La Conservación, watch the entire video here: