While we don’t typically think of horses as hamburgers, the international market for horse meat is a lucrative one. Because of this, horses who are no longer useful to their previous guardians, such as older or injured carriage horses, former race horses, or even pets that people can no longer care for, often end up on the auction floor and sold to kill buyers. The buyers then ship the animals to Mexico and other countries for profit. In fact, approximately 150,000 American horses are trucked over our borders to be slaughtered for human consumption.

Recently, six horses were destined for this terrible fate until incredible rescuers from Horse Plus Humane Society stepped in to help. The rescuers attended the auction to bid on horses before kill buyers could scoop them up, and thankfully, they were successful!


The horses were in bad shape, which is often what kill buyers look for since injured or lame horses will be less expensive to purchase.

One of the horses had a serious leg injury and surely would have been killed had it not been for his saviors.

We can only imagine how long he had been suffering in pain.

This beauty not only has a second chance of life now, but also a name: Annie.

“Lady” will no longer have to fear for her life.

Calamity Jane, or Jane for short, is an older, nearly wild, broodmare. Since she can’t be handled, she was a prime target for kill buyers. Now, she can feel safe. 

This baby Quarterhorse was destined for a very short life. Now Kichi will get the one she deserves.

Thanks to rescuers, these horses will get to lead long, happy lives. Want to help make more rescues like this one possible? Visit Horse Plus Humane Society and consider supporting their efforts.

All image source: Horse Plus Humane Society