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Horses have been exploited in so many ways, from racing to carriage rides … the list goes on. But being forced to walk a treadmill that powers an ice cream machine and a merry-go-round … well, it’s definitely a first. Bob the horse is a 2,000-pound Belgian draft horse who deserves to be enjoying a life of freedom in a safe, comfortable, and loving environment. Instead, he walks on an inclined treadmill day in and day out at a furniture outlet store in Northern Indiana. A Care2 petition is asking the store owner to retire Bob so that he can live the life he deserves.

Walking on a treadmill provides no stimulation whatsoever for such an intelligent animal. Horses are so smart they have been proven to read human facial expressions, and they can also remember a person’s previous emotional state. Not only that, but the repetitive motion of a treadmill is surely causing injuries from working the same muscles over and over with no time to heal. Even before working at the furniture outlet, Bob worked hard on the farms of an Amish community. Please sign the petition and help free Bob, it’s far past time for this hardworking boy to finally enjoy his life.


Bob has been used and abused for most of his life. Like most forms of exploitation, money has taken a higher priority over innocent life. This is a chance to not only take a stand for Bob but against the exploitation of all animals. They deserve so much more respect, and this ridiculous stunt is purely based on greed. Please sign the petition and share it with your network today!

Buzz Petition
Image Source: Caters Clips/ Youtube