Dog trainer Cesar Millan always stresses a dog’s need for exercise, but not everyone has the schedule or ability to take his dog on multiple long walks every day. And with the weather getting hotter, it may be dangerous to take your furry friend outside for an extended stretch of time.

Though outdoor walks are always best when weather allows, you can supplement your dog’s normal exercise routine with treadmills. In this video, 10 bulldogs run at their own pace on non-motorized treadmills. Though the owner is clapping to encourage them to exercise, no one is forcing them to run, and it’s clear that some of the dogs are taking a break when they need it.

It looks like these dogs are having a great time! It may be exhausting and shocking to watch these dogs run so fast, but they’re just doing what comes naturally to them.

To prevent injury, make sure to supervise your dog at all times when he’s using a treadmill.

Image source: Wikipedia