Every child has wished for a pony at some point in their youth . . . and most of us adults a have daydreamed about riding off into the sunset with that special someone. But the reality is horses are more than just props in our fantasies – they are living, breathing creatures.  Unfornutantly, like so many other animals, they have been reduced to chattel and are bought and sold with no regard for their well-being. Much like cows, mares are forcibly impregnated, the foals are ripped away from their mothers, either to be sold into the racing industry or used as a riding prop. After these majestic creatures are deemed to have outlived their usefulness, they are put down. Around 80,000 abandoned or unwanted horses are sold into the slaughter pipeline every year. One of these unfortunates was Bubbles, an old, gray gelding who took his life into his own hooves and broke out of a slaughterhouse and into the hearts and arms of the rescuers at Becky’s Horse Hope Rescue Inc. Here is his story:

The rescuers from Becky’s Horse Hope Rescue Inc. had come to the slaughterhouse to rescue four mini-donkeys when they saw Bubbles.


He was arthritic and frost-bitten and since nobody wanted to buy him, he was on his way to be slaughtered.

But Bubbles had other plans. He pushed through slaughterhouse employees and hopped onto the “freedom trailer” with the four mini-donkeys.

When a volunteer rescuer saw Bubbles he told Sue Chatman of the foundation, “Suuuuuue… I just can’t leave this guy.” They paid the slaughterhouse $450 and took Bubbles with them. This is where he lives now.


After they got bubbles back to the ranch. Sue posted this story on Facebook and it went viral. She says they have raised over $5,000 to care for Bubbles. The donations have poured in from all over the world.

If you would like the donate to Becky’s Horse Hope Rescue Inc. you can do so here. To learn more about how you can help horses around the world, check out this article.

All image source: CBS News/Becky’s Horse Hope Rescue Inc./Facebook