The very thought of seeing a dog get hit by a car is enough to bring on the waterworks for any animal lover. Tragically, a sweet dog named Frida Kahlo was recently thrown out of a moving vehicle and left to die. Luckily, a volunteer for the Streetdog Foundation witnessed the horrific incident and quickly rescued Frida and took her to get the help she needed at Grace Animal Hospital. This led to the discovery that Frida was also a mama, but where were her babies? That’s exactly what a team of volunteers with the rescue were determined to find out. They went out and searched for hours upon hours in an unsafe neighborhood at that, with no luck.

They continued the following day, even taking Frida out in a wagon to help out but there was still no sign of them.


The Streetdog Foundation reports that it is very likely that Frida was abandoned without her puppies.

Frida is safe and is receiving all the love, care, and rest she needs to make a full recovery.

No one knows what happened to Frida’s puppies, but thank goodness this precious girl was given a second chance.


The Streetdog Foundation is a non-profit based in Memphis, Tennessee that is dedicated to rescuing and placing stray and abandoned animals into safe, loving, forever homes. The rescue is completely volunteer-run and operates without a facility. They encourage responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, and work to educate the public about how wonderful dogs are — especially misunderstood breeds.


We look forward to seeing Frida Kahlo make a smooth and speedy recovery! To learn more or make a donation, click here.

All Image Source: Streetdog Foundation/ Facebook