The Riverbend Humane Society No-Kill Animal Shelter in Jerseyville, Illinois recently carried out the emergency rescue of a few abandoned dogs who needed urgent help. As the shelter team announced on their Facebook page, they closed the shelter for the day and immediately set out to take care of the situation. When they arrived, they noticed one dog who was in a particularly difficult situation.

One of the dogs was found dangerously tangled in a heavy chain. She was trapped in an unnatural, painful position, unable to free herself or even just move …


Once she was safe, the dog was named Belle and was given lots of love.

She was ravenous, clearly not having eaten in a while, and extremely excited – she seems to never stop wagging her tail!


Belle is now receiving all the care she needs and the shelter team will make sure her leg did not suffer as a result of the entanglement. Hopefully, she will continue to recover and find a new home, this time a proper and responsible one.

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All image source: Riverbend Humane Society No-Kill Animal Shelter/Facebook