Imagine trying to brave the elements with no shelter and all you have for comfort is an old, filthy sofa on the sidewalk. You have no fresh food or water, not to mention no human to call your own. For Potato, this was his heartbreaking reality. But fear not, his story has a happy ending…

Potato was found sleeping on an abandoned sofa on the streets of Detroit. He was trying to catch the sunshine in a desperate attempt to stay warm…


Thankfully, a good Samaritan called Detroit Dog Rescue and the team set out to help Potato. You are safe now, sweet boy!

Potato got his freedom ride to the Detroit Dog Rescue’s partner veterinarian, where he will be prepared for adoption. Potato has heartworm and if gone untreated, it could have slowly killed him. If you’d like to help Detroit Dog Rescue cover the expensive heartworm treatment, you can make a donation here.  


There are over 70 million homeless dogs and cats wandering the streets in the U.S. who desperately hope to be rescued, just like Potato. If you are looking to add a four-legged best friend to your crew, please always adopt and never shop. If you’re unable to adopt, animal shelters could always use more volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, so check out our guide to volunteering!

Wishing you all the best, Potato! For more information on Detroit Dog Rescue and how you can help support their mission, click here.


Image Source: Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook