Irina was born in the streets – it was the only world she knew, but she was far too young to survive on her own. This little puppy was just 13 weeks old when she was found, but she was already in a shocking condition. An awful case of mange and a skin infection made her tiny body into one covered in painful sores – she had no chance to get better alone. Luckily, she is alone no more. Now, Irina is being cared for by the Soi Dog Foundation – but she still needs help to get better and have the life she so deserves.

Sweet Irina had open sores on her little face because of the mange and had to battle a fungal skin infection.

She could barely see through her infected eyes – which should have been bright and happy like other puppies’.

If left alone in the streets, she would not have lasted much longer – but now Irina is finally in good hands and is waiting impatiently to get better.

She has a long road ahead of her, but she can have a happy little life yet and a loving family all for herself!



Without a doubt, Irina will be able to prove herself to be the perfect friend and companion to someone who loves and cares for her – but to do that, she will need every bit of help she can get towards her medical care.

You can donate to Irina’s care and help save other dogs like her through the rescue’s website.

To learn more about Soi Dog Foundation, click here.

All image source: Soi Dog Foundation/Facebook