The plight of homeless animals often goes unaddressed across the world. In the U.S., there are around 70 million homeless dogs and cats, and a similarly dire situation can be found in India. With people often too poor to spay or neuter their animals, there are now tens of millions of homeless animals roaming the streets of India. Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited is there to help.

Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal rescue group  in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India that works in the streets feeding and rescuing sick and injured animals.

When someone reported a dog whose skin had practically turned to stone with scabs and crusty mange, they were quick to jump to her rescue. The poor dog had taken up residence in an abandoned van and was so skinny and sick that she barely noticed the volunteer when he showed up. But when she finally did wake up, the poor girl was petrified, as this was no doubt the most interest that a human had ever shown her.

It took staff members lots of time and dedication to soak off all of the pup’s infected scabs, but after a few weeks, they finally got yo see all the beauty that was hiding underneath!

If you would like to help Animal Aid Unlimited in their tireless rescue efforts, please visit their website by clicking here.