When you see the sweet face of Felicity, the seven month-old Pit Bull mix puppy, it is hard to imagine that any living being would ever wish harm against her – let alone cause any form of physical harm to her. However, the sad truth is that some cruel person took it upon themselves to abandon Felicity after branding the fur on the small of her back with profanity. While the details of what was written on the innocent puppy are not available, it is known that her abuser used some sort of caustic liquid – possibly bleach – to scar the word onto the small dog.

Dogs are loyal, trusting, and so willing to please their guardians that it is sick to think that an individual would take advantage of these traits in order to inflict such painful and disgusting abuse on an animal. Felicity was discovered chained to a fence and there was no sign of the person who had burned her. The Lexington-Fayette division of Animal Control is currently conducting an investigation, though they believe it will difficult to identify Felicity’s abuser.

Little Felicity is currently in the care of the Lexington Humane Society (LHS). The LHS is doing all they can to ensure that Felicity heals and are currently trying to raise enough money for her to undergo plastic surgery to remove the profanity from her skin. LHS believes that doing so will help Felicity get adopted, and also remove any stigma of her past.

After hearing the story of Felicity’s abuse, a group of seniors at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky set out to help the LHS raise money for the puppy’s surgery. For two weeks, the students carried donation buckets and managed to raise $650 to go towards Felicity’s surgery. The fundraiser was started by senior Taylor Todd and quickly gained support from other students who turned these fundraising efforts into their senior project.

One of the seniors involved in the project explained to WITN, “She [Felicity] really represents how we like to help our community. Felicity is a symbol for every dog that needs a home.”

It is incredible to see the outpouring of support from these students and their efforts show that for every cruel individual, like Felicity’s abuser, there is a community of kind and compassionate people willing to take action on behalf of animals.

Animal Control asks that any individual who may have information on Felicity step forward to aid their investigation. A reward of $3,500 has been set for anyone who can provide information that leads to an arrest and conviction. This large sum was partially donated by a local business owner who was touched by Felicity’s story – another sign that animal abuse will not be tolerated in the Lexington-Fayette community.

 You can make a donation to help Felicity through the LHS website, here

Image source: WKYT