When Australian wildlife rescue workers got the call about an injured koala in Melbourne, they knew they would do anything to save the frightened marsupial.

Sir Chompsalot (the absolutely adorable nickname given to the koala) managed to climb up into a tree after being hit by a car. The koala passed out in the tree’s branches and was at risk of falling from his perch. Luckily, firefighters were there, prepared to catch the marsupial in a blanket.

According to fire brigade captain Sean Curtin, Animalia Wildlife quickly aided Sir Chimpsalot. One volunteer rescuer performed mouth-to-mouth on the little koala while another pumped his chest to get his heart beating. To help speed the rescue mission, the team also used oxygen therapy – as shown in the video – to help increase the flow of oxygen in the koala’s circulatory system.

In the end, rescue efforts paid off, and the koala was able to manage a small growl at his relieved helpers. The koala is now being rehabilitated at a wildlife shelter where he will await the assessment of a veterinarian before being released into the wild.

Lead image source: The Guardian