If you are a Californian, you may be shocked to know that it is in fact currently LEGAL to kill coyotes, bobcats, and foxes for fun and prizes in your state. In fact, there is a three-day coyote hunt that is held every February in Modoc County, that similar to Japanese hunts have been historically justified for their “scientific” grounds. After all, helping to thin out predators is ALWAYS a good thing! Right…oh wait

According to conservationist specializing in the coyote population, “hunting coyotes doesn’t reduce their numbers…studies that show coyotes breed more often and have more puppies when pack leaders are killed.” Not only that, but targeting apex predators for sport has been linked to growing imbalances in natural ecosystems which can completely alter physical landscapes (just see what removing wolves from Yellowstone did).


Luckily, this craziness can be stopped. The California Fish and Game Commission has proposed a rule to outlaw hunting contests and tournaments in the state. To make sure this rule passes, contact your state legislators if you are a Calif. resident. People outside of Calif. can also help the cause by signing this petition from Project Coyote.

Image Source: John Harrison/Flickr