When we adopt a dog and bring them into our home, they instantly become family. We buy them endless toys and treats, provide a nice warm comfortable bed for them, and would do anything to ensure their well-being. But sadly, not everyone thinks of dogs in this way.

A German Shepherd, the dog in the video above, was abandoned on the busy streets of Los Angeles. But, thanks to Hope for Paws, this gorgeous dog wasn’t on the streets for long!

When Hope for Paws got a call that a German Shepherd was living near a medical clinic, they didn’t waste any time. The first thing they did was inquire to see if the dog, later named Mozart, belonged to anyone in the clinic, but soon learned the poor pup had been homeless for a long time. Mozart was terrified and skittish and wouldn’t respond to food. When the security guards of the medical clinic saw what the Hope for Paws team was trying to do, they rushed into action helping to get Mozart into a gated part of the building.

With patience and a lot of teamwork, Mozart was secured so that he couldn’t run away. Then the team was able to get Mozart safely inside a crate and on his way to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Hope for Paws checked for a microchip but there was none and he was also not neutered. He received medical care and lots of love from the Hope for Paws staff and now Mozart is safe at a foster home is ready for adoption.

Hope for Paws has been a leader in helping to solve the stray dog crisis in Los Angeles. Always willing to go above and beyond, Hope for Paws saves dogs that others couldn’t manage to or simply weren’t willing to.

If you or someone you know if looking to add a four-legged friend to their home and are interested in adopting beautiful Mozart, please visit Coastal German Shepherd‘s website.