The phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is incredibly true in the case of dogs and their guardians. While we hate the thought of leaving our four-legged best friends behind for any reason, sometimes we have no choice but to entrust a family member or friend with their care and say goodbye. No matter how long we’re gone – days, weeks or months – we know that they will be waiting for us with a happy wagging tail when we finally return.

Just look at the German Shepherd in this video! His dad has been away on tour in the Army for a very long time and he has patiently waited for him to return ever since they said goodbye.

Like any good pet parent, this soldier dad wanted to do something special for his beloved pup and decided to surprise him. The German Shepherd just thinks he’s going to play fetch, but when he comes to bring the ball back to his caretaker, he spots his dad and is immediately overjoyed!

Saying goodbye is always hard, but getting the chance to say hello again makes it all worth it!