We don’t always give cats the credit they deserve for being awesome companions. Sure, cats are notorious for being aloof and mischievous at times, but deep down, these fur balls are affectionate and caring creatures. Take the sweet kitty in this video, for example.

The cat’s human dad has been away in the military for what must feel like YEARS to this feline. The second his mom tells him that his dad is finally coming home, the cat can’t contain his excitement. Sitting patiently at the door, we can almost hear the cat listing all the awesome things he’s going to do with his dad now that he’s back.


“We’re going to lounge on the couch, and play with my favorite mouse toy, and he’s going to give me endless belly rubs! I can’t wait!”

Finally, his dad walks through the door and the cat jumps straight into his arms! Awwwww!

Now that’s a devoted feline.

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