We have some wonderful news for you animal lovers! Austin Animal Center took on their first cancer case and was able to completely cure a five-year-old golden retriever mix named Sasha.

When Sasha first arrived at the shelter, she had several pelvic fractures that had never healed correctly and a vulvar tumor. According to Sasha’s veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Hays, it is a type of cancer that is easily treatable and has a 95 percent cure rate. This made Sasha the perfect candidate for the center to take on its first cancer treatment case!

Sasha was also a lucky dog because she was able to stay with a foster family during the course of her treatment. Her foster guardians, Audrey and Cole, took Sasha for treatment every Tuesday for two months and provided her with a place to call home, to heal, and be free of stress. With so many wonderful people looking after her, it’s no wonder Sasha made a full recovery!

Dr. Hays comforting Sasha in preparation for her first round of chemotherapy.

Here is Sasha after receiving four treatments. Looking good, Sasha!

Sasha’s foster family reports, “She’s sweet, cuddly, walks nice on a leash and knows basic commands.” 



Now that Sasha is cancer free, she is ready for a permanent forever family. Her current foster family shares that she would do great with a family that has children and she even knows how to “shake.” We are so happy to see this wonderful ending for a pup who was saved thanks to the dedication of her foster parents and kind shelter staff!

The Austin Animal Center is the largest open-intake animal shelter in Central Texas and the largest No-Kill municipal shelter in the United States. The shelter takes in more than 18,000 animals each year and works hard to save more than 90 percent of those animals.

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All image source: Austin Animal Center/Facebook