Saying goodbye to a companion dog is one of the hardest things guardians have to go through. Just like with our human friends, it’s always shocking to hear that your furry pal is in poor health, even if they’re in their senior years. When Ashley Niels noticed that her usually voracious pup was hardly eating, she made an appointment with the vet. After running some tests, the doctor informed Ashley that Spunky, her 12-year-old husky, actually was suffering from hemangiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that was causing the pup to bleed internally. It was then that Ashley had to make one of the hardest decisions of her life – to put her energetic pup out of his destined misery. She made an appointment with the vet to bring Spunky in the next day and have him put to sleep.

Ashley shares on her Facebook page that Spunky had good and bad days. On certain days, he can barely stand or walk, on others he acts just like your typical pup

On the morning of Spunky’s appointment, Ashley saw him in good spirits and decided to cancel it. She wanted to give him a few more days or weeks of love before letting him go. 

Having spent so many years with her lovable husky, Ashley knew that she had to do something special for his goodbye. Ashley thought back on their memories and realized that they had spent a lot of their time playing in the show, especially during Ashley’s college years in Wisconsin.

She knew she had to somehow incorporate the fluffy white matter that Spunky loved so much for his farewell. The question was how. Ashley and Spunky now lived in Texas, a place that rarely sees snow. Her solution? Rent a snow machine!

With the help of Austin Animal Center, Ashley was able to give Spunky one last day of snowy fun. Watch the beautiful moment unfold here. 



Ashley has not rescheduled Spunky’s appointment at the vet yet since her resilient pup has been having a streak of good days. We hope that this sweet boy has many more good days ahead of him and can enjoy life for a bit longer. However long he lives, one thing is for sure, he is living them out with someone who is not just a guardian, but a best friend.

All image source: Ashley Niels/Facebook