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If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that they are considered part of your family. Just like other family members, you are allowed to grieve their death. So when a boss told this employee that her dog’s death wasn’t a good reason to give for not going to work, she quit.

and I oop from antiwork

A user on Reddit under the username of hopechyann posted a screenshot of her conversation in the AntiWork forum. She captioned the post “and I oop,” and it now has over 53,000 upvotes and 3.4k comments.

She writes to her boss, “It’s Hope. I have a family emergency. I can’t come in tonight.”

The boss responds, “Start calling around. You need to get it covered. What’s your emergency.”

Hope says, “I will try we just had to put our family dog down.”

With even less sympathy, her boss responds, “That’s not the best reason to tell me your not coming into work.”

Without hesitation, Hope replies, “Okay. I’m also turning in my two weeks but if you need something written, I can do that as well.”

With her boss simply replying, “I’ll just figure out tonight.”

One user wrote, “Don’t let managers fob their responsibilities off on to you; they look after the schedule, so they should be the one calling around for cover.”

Another added, “Agreed! And never explain what your family emergency is. It is none of their business. And besides, no reason you give is good enough for them.”

Losing an animal should be excusable, and we wish this boss would have had more empathy for her employee’s loss.

“And even still, what human being doesn’t think putting the family dog down is a good enough reason to not come in to work…” one user said.

Another user added, “And losing a dog is 100% a family emergency in my book.”

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