It’s hard to see Lacey the dog and not feel heartbroken. The Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) wrote on Facebook that she was, “the most emaciated dog that we have ever laid eyes on.” That’s something for an organization like them, that works with animals in poor shape all the time. Lacey is a walking skeleton and desperately needed help.

Thankfully, Lacey is now in SCAR’s capable hands. There’s a lot that needs to be done. The pictures of her are hard to see but everyone says the camera adds five pounds, so what she looks like in person is even worse.

Lacey went to the vet and at her current age of three-years-old, she weighs only 20 pounds – she’s almost 40 pounds underweight. In addition, she had hookworms and is anemic. There are also pressure sores on her hips and elbows. Finally, she’s also heartworm positive.

SCAR reports that Lacey is a complete sweetheart, but as a dog who was clearly deprived of food, she is demonstrating food aggression. It’s another sad reality for dogs like Lacey, who have suffered immensely.

SCAR has set up a food plan for Lacey, as, despite most people’s instincts, overfeeding thin dogs is not a good plan. In fact, overfeeding Lacey could have serious, negative impacts on her health. So, at the moment, Lacey is being fed four small meals a day.


SCAR is happy that Lacey is with them now. She is far from whoever out there made the conscious choice to deprive her of the basic things any living thing needs to survive. Lacey’s journey is underway but her recovery will be a long and expensive.



You can also donate directly to their PayPal, here, to help pay for her vaccinations, dewormer, medications, and eventually her spay and heartworm surgery. Lacey and SCAR will be grateful for whatever you can do.


Together we can help this pup towards a better life.

All image source: SCAR-Southern Cross Animal Rescue/Facebook