The story you’re about to read is a sad one. But, through the intervention of caring people, it doesn’t have to end that way. Laurens County Animal Control saw cruelty in its purest form when they were investigating a man accused of mistreating animals. They first found a dead dog, tied to a tree. The second dog, found not too far from the body, was fenced into a tiny pen and was extremely malnourished. It was an awful, hellish place to be.

Laurens County Animal Control Supervisor Giles Gilmer, the man behind the camera, felt obligated to record what he saw during the investigation. He wanted to show just how badly animals are treated on a daily basis.


The sad reality is that officers who work animal cruelty cases see this kind of stuff almost every day. Normally, with dogs in this bad of shape, they are abandoned so the perpetrator can avoid charges.

However, the officers worked hard and were able to find someone and hold them accountable for this crime.

The malnourished dog, who is believed to be female, is currently being taken care of. The owner signed her over, so she is finally free from him.

She has hookworms but with the support of Laurens County Animal Control and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, she has much more hope in her life than ever before.



To support this puppy, please donate to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who are doing their best to help this dog to a loving forever home. And if you see animal abuse/neglect, here’s what to do.


Lead image source: Laurens County Animal Control/Facebook