Life for a shelter pet is tough. But, for the 70 million homeless pets living in the United States, adoption can be a literal life-saver. Unfortunately, of the six to eight million animals entering the shelter system every year, only around half find a forever home. What’s even sadder is that these are not all animals are strays picked up off the streets by animal control officers — many of them once had a home but were surrendered or just abandoned by their former guardian. We can’t imagine what it must feel like for a dog to be abandoned by their human, but what we do know is that no matter where they are, they will wait. It’s a bittersweet display of loyalty from man’s best friend that no dog should ever have to go through.

When Katy, the dog in the photo below, was abandoned outside of a vet’s office, she was lucky that she wasn’t left to fend for herself like so many dogs are. But her journey to a forever home still had its difficulties. Katy lived in a little kennel at the vet’s office for 2,326 days! She waited day after day, hoping her family would return … but they never did. Luckily, she was found by The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, who made it their mission to find the forever home that Katy truly deserved.

One year ago, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation (TFPF) launched a nationwide campaign to find Katy the dog a family using the photo on the right. When TFPT found the right match for her, they drove 2,600 miles to deliver Katy to her new forever home.


As you can see from the photo of a very cozy-looking dog, life is pretty good for Katy — and her new mom would do anything and everything for her. This past summer, when Katy’s vet found a mass growing in her stomach, her mom immediately rushed her to see a specialist. Thankfully, the growth was not malignant and Katy’s mom expressed her relief: “I was devastated, I felt like it was so unfair, for her to have finally gotten a home just to die a few months later. Then the vet called back and said the biopsy was negative for malignancy. So about $5,000 later, we finally had [another] happy ending.”

If you’re considering welcoming a pet into your life, always adopt and never shop and please consider adopting an older dog like Katy.

Without The Fuzzy Pet Foundation’s dedication, Katy may have still been living in a tiny kennel at the vet’s office. To learn more about the organization and the work they do, visit their official website.

All image source: The Fuzzy Pet Foundation/Facebook