Parting from a loved one, especially a parent, is hard for anyone, even animals. Many calves and cows in the dairy industry cry for each other the moment they are ripped apart and for days and weeks after. Squirrel mamas become extremely frantic if their babies happen to topple out of the nest. And, we know how close baby elephants can be with their mothers and how upset they can get when they are separated due to poaching or kidnapping. There simply is no bond like one formed with a mother’s love.

Dogs have a slightly different experience. Since they are usually separated from their biological mothers to be adopted into forever homes, humans fill the motherly role for these animals. The pain is still the same, though. Take Bruno and Caramel, two senior dogs who had to part with their human mama after she was taken a hospice. The two sweet dogs were taken to BARCS Animal Shelter where staffers offered emotional support and shared their story on Facebook. Luckily, two kind gentlemen read the sad tale and knew they had to help! They rushed down to BARCS to meet the pups and instantly fell in love. They knew they had to help these two furballs.

Meet Bruce and Jim, the two angels who will be taking Bruno (18-years-old) and Caramel (17-years-old). This amazing couple promised to take care of this dynamic duo for however long they live – whether it’s a week or “a lifetime.” Too cute! 



We’re so glad that this pair doesn’t have to live out the rest of their days in the lonely confines of an animal shelter. Now, thanks to Bruce and Jim, they will get to spend the rest of their time on Earth playing, wagging their tails, and getting all the care they deserve. BARCS staff even visited their first mama at the hospice and let her know that her fur babies were safe and sound and going to good hands. We wish this new family the best!

Image source: BARCS/Facebook