When we bring dogs into our homes, they instantly become family. We treat them with nothing but love and shower them with toys and treats and anything else their heart could possibly desire. However, for some people, this feeling of giddy love and devotion wears off … and they decide that they no longer want to take care of their pet. Sadly, this leads many people to surrender their pup at a shelter or simply toss them out on the street. 

Poor Scooby the dog in this video was abandoned, but thanks to the Hope for Paws team, that wouldn’t last long! When Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo arrived on the scene, Scooby was extremely wary of their presence. Clearly, his past interactions with people had left him a little more than scarred.

It might have taken a long time to calm Scooby down, but after a lot of coaxing and patience, the Hope for Paws team managed to get a Lucky Leash around the pup and escort him to their vet clinic. With some more love and a good haircut, Scooby transformed from scared and skittish, to loving and full of life!

If you’re interested in adopting Scooby, or know someone who is, check out The Forgotten Dog.