It’s simply heartwrenching seeing how scared this shelter dog is! She clearly has no confidence and seems scared of the world. It goes without saying, she doesn’t yet know what its like to be happy or loved.

She was recently picked up from the streets and taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter. She is probably so confused – surrounded by strange people and sounds. While some dogs cope with shelter life just fine, others take it very hard.


One of the shelter volunteers shared her video with this message, “This adorable girl is ‘Poppy’ and she is so scared in the shelter. Even the fact that she has a kennel mate isn’t helping her feel better. She really needs to get out of the shelter and into a nice home where she can gain confidence. She is only a year old and heartworm negative.”

Clearly, this girl needs to find a foster or forever home as soon as possible.

With about 6.5 million companion animals entering shelters every year across the U.S., it is so important to adopt rather than shop for a new furry (or feathered, or scaley) family member. It is equally important to spay or neuter your pet once you do adopt if it hasn’t already been done. By doing both of these things, you can help reduce the homeless pet population and give opportunities to other animals that are waiting for a forever home – you will literally be saving two lives.

If you are not in a position to adopt but are looking for other ways to help, then consider fostering an animal in need. This helps the animal being fostered, the shelter with space, and allows them to save another animal in need. As always, volunteering, educating others, and sharing profiles of adoptable pets is always an effective way to help shelter animals.


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