“Sometimes a certain animal just grabs a hold of your heart,” write the rescuers from Animal Welfare League NSW based in Kemps Creek, New South Wales. Wesley, a beautiful bull calf rescued by the organization, was definitely one of those animals. Extremely weak and very sick, he was brought to the rescue’s vet clinic in late November 2017 by one of their inspectors who had found him all alone. He was only a few days old and in desperate need of help and care after he had lost his own mother – and the team soon “fell in love with his gorgeous nature.”

Wesley went through a lot during his recovery, which was not always a smooth process. But when he got into foster care with his new caretaker, Maxine, everything changed. Soon, he began playing and running around, energetic and full of joy, and he worked up a healthy appetite. Now, just a month later, Wesley is doing better than anyone could have guessed, all thanks to his dedicated foster mom and the wonderful bond they share!


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