You’ll have this on repeat all day! In the video, rescued cows living at Freedom Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary in Isreal are sweetly bouncing and running around their caretakers who are driving a golf cart. The cows seem to be getting a big kick out of it and keep chasing the cart in an adorable game of play. Truly, cows are just really big puppies!

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to spend time with a cow, you already know they are incredibly gentle, affectionate, and intelligent creatures. They can recognize faces, they form strong bonds with other animals, and even with their large stature, they love to run and play. Please share this adorable video with your friends and family to show them cows are just as playful and loving as any other animal.


Sadly, because cows and other farm animals are typically considered “food,” they are treated like commodities rather than individuals. Most never get to experience the incredible bonds of family or friendship. Instead, they are subjected to a life filled with fear, stress, and sadness – but we can change that.

Please share this post with your friends and family so that they too can see how affectionate and intelligent animals are. To learn more about Freedom Farm Sanctuary, visit their website.