On factory farms, cows live lonely, depressing, and short lives. They are brutishly handled, don’t have the freedom to play and run, and are never given the opportunity to form long-lasting bonds with their peers. Instead, factory farm cows tend to only share a few desperate kisses or a few last minute nuzzles to console each other before slaughter. Despite being extremely affectionate, cows never truly get to grow this part of their persona inside of factory farms.

Thankfully, there are several sanctuaries who have rescued cows from this sad life and have provided a space where they can truly flourish. At these havens, the cows are actually so relaxed and at peace, that they are able to form friendships, and even fall in love! Just take a look at these two lovebirds, err.. love cows, Esperanza and Salvador, currently at Santuario Igualdad Interspecie. These two cuties arrived at the sanctuary as babies and have since formed a deeply profound and sweet relationship full of kisses, shared meals, and mutual respect. These cows are not only adorable, they are a testament to the beautiful lives cows can lead when given the chance. We hope that one day more cows are given the opportunity to do so.