Cows are highly misunderstood animals. Many people think they are mindless, non-feeling animals that serve no purpose but to provide us with milk or meat. But what they don’t know is that cows are actually extremely emotional and highly intelligent creatures. After all, cows have best friends and they even get stressed out when they’re separated from their besties for long periods of time!

We’ve seen countless examples of cows’ amazing abilities, like this cow who learned how to escape a gate or this sweetie who stepped in to comfort her scared friend, but we think that the video above shows the ultimate display of cow-wonder.


The extraordinarily happy farm animals in this video are from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, a sanctuary located in Chile. As you can see here, the animals are living the absolute dream thanks to their amazing caretakers, who see these cows (and other animals) as someones and not somethings.

All cows deserve to live this sort of blissful existence. If watching this video made you smile, pass it along!