When shooting some images at a local cemetery for an art class, 15-year-old Hunter Cone saw something strange.

“I was walking through Laurel Grove cemetery … I looked over and saw a dog. I thought it was a statue because it was so still,” said Hunter.


Seeing a dog in a cemetery wasn’t the strange thing, though. This dog was obviously there to mourn. According to Cone, the first time he and his mother saw the dog, she had her deceased puppy next to her. The next day, she had buried her puppy, but was watching carefully over its grave.

Cone and his mother decided to visit the Laurel Grove Graveyard in Savannah, Georgia daily to keep an eye on the dog. When they tried to help her by bringing food and water, though, she would ran off. She didn’t however, eave the area. She stayed close by to the spot she had left her puppies’ little body.

This is just one of the many stories of animals mourning in a similar manner to people. Animals from apes to dolphins, from dogs to seals, all have a mourning process they go through to grieve for family members and friends. Recent studies have found that it is truly an emotion and not some other response. This vast array of species all share sadness of grief at their loss.

Savannah Chatham Animal Control told ABC News they were aware of the stray dog, though she had not been brought in yet.


Cone added that this story is incredibly important to him because it also highlights Georgia’s animal control laws. These laws prevent rescue groups from taking control of stray dogs. All dogs must be taken in by a government agency before that can be released to a rescue group.

Though Cone and his family can’t take the dog in (they already have three of their own), they are ready to help this dog and do whatever they can to find her a home when she is done with the grieving process.

“She’s very scared, she’s not aggressive at all,” said Cone. We have no doubt this touching story of a mother’s loyalty will help find this beautiful girl a great home.

Hunter Douglas Cone/The Savannah Morning News


Lead image source: WSBTV