Bevy the dog had no chance to save herself from Hurricane Harvey – because she was tied up and left to die in an abandoned house. Fortunately, she was found just in time and rescued by the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team – but her struggle is not quite over yet.

The rescuers set off to find Bevy as soon as they heard about her whereabouts and urgent need for medical care. But getting to the dog proved to be a huge challenge in itself, Bevy was left in a house entirely filled with garbage and filth.


It took rescuers hours to move the garbage and finally find Bevy. She was locked between two pieces of metal that were keeping her immobile…


The poor dog was found with an embedded collar tied around her neck. The wound shows that she must have been trapped for weeks – and it is nothing short of a miracle that she survived.


After the rescue, Bevy was rushed to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital in Spring, Texas to receive life-saving medical care. This special dog has already defied the odds and survived something unimaginable – now she needs help to recover. Her condition is still critical – and “Emergency Hospitals are $1000 just to step into the hospital,” the rescuers write. You can donate to Bevy’s medical care via the rescue’s website.

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All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook