Holland the dog was brought to an open-access shelter just before closing. Diane, the shelter manager, called Trio Animal Foundation to get this dog help. Why? Because Holland was a terrible bundle of matted hair. In fact, her matted ears were longer than her legs — it was that bad. Trio agreed to take Holland and, as quickly as they said yes, Diane took her to meet them.

Trio was not prepared for just how matted Holland was. She looked like a sad dog trapped beneath a dirty surface.

The matted fur on her legs was over three inches thick.

Holland appeared to be covered in a hairy exoskeleton.


Her ears, which were about six inches long, dragged on the ground as she walked.

Her face was covered with a wet, matted mess and she scratched her face incessantly to try and find relief for her irritated skin. 



Trio worked for over two hours to try and shave Holland down. Scissors could only do so much, though. Holland was getting stressed staying still for so long, so Trio decided that she would need to be sedated before they could free her from her matted prison. In addition to a major haircut, Holland will also undergo medical testing to make sure she’s healthy on the inside. The amazing organization is still working to make a happy ending possible, but they desperately need support for the impending vet bills.

For updates on Holland, please follow Trio Animal Foundation’s Facebook. You can send a donation to help Holland, here.


All image source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook