You’ve heard of the expression puppy eyes, right? Well, here is Pixie, who has got this practice down to an art!

Pixie has every reason to be looking so sorry for herself and tugging at your heartstrings. She is yet another neglected and abused dog who has been rescued by the wonderful crew at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.


We sincerely don’t know how rescuers do it; poor Pixie came to Rescue Dogs Rock anemic and with no hair, along with bloody and open wounds all over her body from an awful case of contagious mange as well as a skin infection.

Pixie was in such a sorry state that she needed both a blood transfusion and IV drips to get some much-needed fluids into her. Pixie was left so long in this condition that this poor little girl had just about given up. Those puppy dog eyes are full of depression and hopelessness, and who can blame her? Pixie is barely three years old, and this is all life has offered her so far.

Pixie received the urgent medical care she so desperately needed from Rescue Dogs Rock’s vet partner in San Antonio. On arrival, it became clear that Pixie also was full of Tick disease and also tested positive for heartworm on top of everything else! Pixie is on the road to recovery now, but she can’t even be moved to Rescue Dogs Rock’s shelter in New York until she is at least fit for travel.

Here Pixie is again, looking so lost as she has a checkup and receives a good wash. Get well soon, Pixie, there is a loving family out there waiting for you!


There is absolutely no excuse that justifies letting an animal get into this state of neglect. We take dogs in to be part of our families, and they do not deserve to be abandoned like this! If a person is unable to take care of their pet, there are hundreds of families across America that would happily adopt a pet to save it from a life like Pixie has experienced.

Rescue Dogs Rock continues to fight to keep victims of neglect and abuse like Pixie alive and healthy. If you want to help them keep up that fight please consider making a donation.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC