Once again, thanks to the dedication of animal lovers and organizations working together, an innocent dog has finally found his forever home. Canine Companions Rescue Center (CCRC) recently reported that a handsome little boy named Herman is about to begin a new life – one full of happiness, safety, and love. This sweet guy deserves nothing less after the rough life he lived previously.

Before rescue, Herman was severely neglected and had extremely matted fur and infected eyes.


After a visit to the vet and a haircut, Herman’s road to recovery began. Herman had surgery to remove one eye due to the severity of the infection.

After many long weeks of recovery, it was finally time to introduce this sweet guy to his new forever family. He is barely recognizable!


Please remember that adding a pet to your family is a lifelong commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure every member of the family understands that a pet should be cared for in sickness and health, in good times and bad – just like you would any other family member. Also, be sure to look into temperament and activity levels and ask in-depth questions about any pet you are considering, just to be sure you make the right match for your family and lifestyle. Additionally, having a pet can be expensive. From healthy pet food, vet bills, beds, toys, grooming, and more, be sure that you can financially handle caring for a pet now and in the future.

Canine Companion Rescue Center is a non-profit located in Clarkston, Michigan that works to find forever homes for animals in need by working closely with the community, animal control, and other rescue organizations. They also advocate for the spaying and neutering of companion animals along with providing support and education to the community regarding the proper care of dogs.


Thanks to everyone involved in turning this sweet boy’s life around! To learn more about CCRC, click here.

Image Source: Canine Companion Resce Center/ Facebook