An 18-year-old dog should be enjoying their twilight years while sleeping in a cozy bed, surrounded by family who loves them. An 18-year-old dog should NOT be wandering the streets with matted fur and decaying teeth. But for sweet little Treasure, that was sadly her reality until kind people stepped in to help.

Treasure was found walking around a backyard in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Her fur was so matted, you can hardly see her face. Her teeth were decaying and she had large tumors all over her body. This is not okay.


Friends of Central Falls Animal Shelter rushed Treasure to the Central Avenue Vet Clinic where Dr. Tuesdale was waiting to help, even though the clinic was closed by the time Treasure arrived. 

Dr. Tuesdale immediately began accessing Treasure and provided a much-needed haircut. Treasure’s state is clearly not something that happened over night. Someone had neglected her for a while…

As Treasure began to lose the filthy matted fur, her teeth started to fall out. Dr. Tuesdale first suspected a broken jaw, but then realized Treasure’s teeth were bothering her so much, she couldn’t even close her mouth. 

Dr. Tuesdale believes Treasure is between 16-18 years old. She has large mammary tumors, more than likely caused because she was never spayed.  


Why the name Treasure? As  Friends of Central Falls Animal Shelter explains on their Facebook, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Treasure has been discharged from the hospital and has now been placed in a loving and warm foster home, sponsored by Friends of Homeless Animals. Friends of Central Falls Animals sweetly notes on their Facebook, “She probably had the best nights sleep then she has ever had in quite a long time. When she woke up, she was happy to indulge in a hearty breakfast.”


Once Treasure is off her medication, she will be able to play with the other fur-babies at her foster home. We are so thankful Treasure is getting a second chance!

If you’d like to donate towards Treasure’s medical care, you can call the clinic to make a credit card payment at (508) 761-8525. You can also mail a check, made out to William Truesdale DVM to the police station in care of animal control at 160 Illinois Street in Central Falls, RI 02863. Every little bit helps!


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All image source: Friends of Central Falls Animals/Facebook