Wanda the Cocker Spaniel’s story of recovery is incredibly beautiful. This sweet puppy was born with deformed front legs and, understandably, had a difficult time with mobility. To make matters worse, Wanda was abandoned at Cinque Ports Rescue and staffers were told to euthanize her. Even though funds were tied for Cinque Ports Rescue, staff refused to give up on sweet Wanda and were determined to help her recover.

The rescue organization immediately set up an appointment with a veterinary orthopedic surgeon who was prepared to operate on Wanda the same day. 


Thankfully, Wanda’s surgery was a success and she began settling in. Wanda befriended another Cinque Ports Rescue dog, Winnie and the two love cuddling up together. 


Wanda’s story become a national hit when she was invited on “This Morning Sofa with Phil & Holly.” Wanda even met celebrities such as Kunal Nayyarm, Jesse Eisenberg, and Chef Wolfgang Puck. Wanda is one lucky pup! 


Sadly, one of the surgeries failed. Her left leg began to twist and failed to support her weight. Another surgery was not possible due to the severity of her problem.


Cinque Ports Rescue came to terms with the fact that Wanda would always be disabled – but they wouldn’t give up. After meeting Elvis, a dachshund who has a wheelchair, Cinque Ports Rescue got in touch with the company.


Wanda’s custom wheelchair soon arrived and she was ecstatic to open the box to see her new ride!


It took a few weeks of training for Wanda to get used to her new wheelchair. But the adorable pup got the hang of it! 


Wanda’s new wheelchair will help her be more mobile outside of the house. 


No matter what the circumstance, animals always surprise us with their resilience. The way animals take even the worst situations in stride can teach us humans a thing or two about how to get through tough times. Here’s to a very happy and loving life for Wanda!


All Image Source: Cinque Ports Rescue/Facebook