The Detroit Dog Rescue team was shocked to discover a small dog, a Pomeranian Mix, who had been abandoned in front of their building at night … in freezing weather. Unfortunately, the dog did not manage to survive the harsh temperatures, however, the rescuers have camera footage that shows the animal being dumped in the street – and they are now looking for the person responsible for the dog’s death.

Anyone who has any information about the man or the vehicle seen in the pictures is encouraged to contact Detroit Dog Rescue by calling at 313-458-8014 or via email at [email protected]

The team will also be releasing the camera footage once the matter is cleared with animal control.



Although the case is clearly one of senseless abandonment, the team emphasizes in their Facebook post that they want to speak to the person who deserted the animal to determine the full story. Tipsters in the case may remain anonymous.

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All image source: Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook