There are many stories of people going above and beyond to help animals in need. We’ve seen compassionate people rescue nearly dead wolvesfirefighters help an unconscious kitten in a smoke-filled house, and so many other amazing feats. True animal lovers will do anything to lend a hand to a furry friend. Sadly, there are also stories of animal cruelty. As animal lovers, we can’t imagine how anyone could bring themselves to cause harm to another living being, but sadly it happens fairly frequently.  Although some cases might seem “harmless” or “fun,” we can’t overlook the reality that animal abuse is rampant and if we don’t stop to question why this happens, we will never make a change.

With this in mind, we want to draw attention to a bizarre case of animal cruelty that occurred in Izhevsk, Russia.


Recently, the story of a dog who had been dyed bright pink by pranksters gained notoriety in Izhevsk. Luckily, the dog was rescued by a local animal shelter volunteer Vera Ivanova after the staff saw reports of the incident on social media. 


The dog, normally white in color, has been nicknamed the “Pink Elephant” and is recovering at the local animal shelter from this horrendous event. 


The pink dye is washing off, but the poor pup has been vomiting due to ingesting some of the toxic dye. 


News of what had been done to this innocent creature has sparked outrage online and a police investigation is underway to find those responsible. If found, the people who did this could face animal cruelty charges. Why would someone do this?!




This isn’t the first time an animal was dyed a color and suffered life-threatening consequences. Last year, a cat died after its eccentric owner dyed it pink for a “pretty in pink party,” where all guests had to wear the bright color. While the motive behind dying this pup pink is unknown, we cannot ignore that some people believe animals exist to serve as accessories or simple objects for our entertainment. We would never dye a child bright pink “just for fun,” so why is it okay to do such a thing to an animal?

It is not enough to expect that people will “know better,” it is up to every one of us to take a stand for animals and give them a voice. We can stop animal cruelty by raising awareness and working to end the harmful belief that animals exist for our use. You can start making a difference by sharing this post and encouraging people to be more compassionate towards animals. Together, we can create a kinder world for all.


Image Source: CEN