If you’re looking for a good laugh, we have just the thing! Not only do the wonderful folks at Iowa Farm Sanctuary provide a safe haven for abused and neglected farm animals, but they are also apparently knowledgeable in the dark arts. Well, not really … but that’s what resident cows, Django and Donnie, seem to think! Jered Camp, founder of the sanctuary, couldn’t help but have a little fun and play a disappearing act on the duo, and it’s hilarious!

The trick starts off all fun and games with Jered playing peek-a-boo, but then he seemingly vanishes into thin air! One cow backs up, startled by the wizardry, while the other goes to investigate. Some of the nearby cows join in the investigation too, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face!


It also makes one wonder, why on earth are these adorable and clearly, intelligent animals treated so differently from dogs, cats, and other pets? We’ve seen this same trick go viral all across the internet featuring dogs and cats alike … and their reactions are without fail the same (with the exception of the cats who couldn’t care less). At the end of the day, cows aren’t all that different than our pets. They are very social animals who can make lifelong friends, and they are affectionate and intelligent, having their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities!

If you know someone who could stand to see the similarities between dogs and cows – just show them this!

To learn more about Iowa Farm Sanctuary, click here.