We always love when animals manage to escape the sad fate of slaughter. These types of stories prove that animals, including those that society has reduced to mere food sources, are sentient beings who comprehend their environment and have a strong will to live. One of these inspiring animals is a three-year-old female Limousin cow who recently escaped her farm and ran off into a nearby forest in the northwest of the Netherlands!

This crafty cow named Hermien managed to escape while a slaughterhouse truck was being loaded, and for the past six weeks she has been hiding out in the woods, rarely making herself seen in the light of day. Aggressive attempts to capture her by darts and bullets have thankfully failed, showing again just how clever and strong-willed this brave bovine is. A veterinarian says Hermien is not in danger of starving since there are plenty of plants for her to feed on, but animal advocates would like to see her humanely caught (by drawing her in with other cows) and taken to a sanctuary where she can live amongst other cows since they thrive in a herd environment.


Check out Hermien in action in the woods!


Hermien has received major public support in the Netherlands, with people taking to social media to speak up for her. The Party for the Animals (PvdD) has crowdfunded a significant amount for the cow’s rescue, stating: “The money will be used to ensure that for the rest of her life, Hermien will be well cared for in cow shelter ‘De Leemweg.’ The shelter is entirely dependent on donations and adopts and looks after cows from the Netherlands who have escaped from slaughterhouses, cows that have been neglected or, for whatever reason, have nowhere else to go. In the shelter, cows are allowed to live a quiet and peaceful life until their natural death.”

We wish Hermien and her rescuers the best of luck and hope she lives a long, happy life at the sanctuary!

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Image Source: Pixabay