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It is already common knowledge that vegetables are rich and important sources of protein, this is something we are seeing more and more of as the plant-protein market evolves. Naturex, a leading natural ingredients company, has just struck a global distribution deal with MycoTechnology, the start-up behind fermented shiitake vegetable protein Pure Taste. The mushroom protein will now be marketed by the company to the food and dietary supplements market.

The shiitake protein was quickly recognized as an exciting addition to the market, both for its protein quality and functionality, Timothee Olagne, VP Marketing, Nutrition and Health, told FoodNavigator-USA. The platform could also be used to introduce new proteins in the future.

The Pure Taste protein is very concentrated at 77-80 percent by dry weight, which plays a big part in the nutrition industry, Olagne pointed out. Especially promising and interesting is the mushroom protein’s DIAAS (Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score) which is 1 – that fact makes it comparable with animal protein. It has zero cholesterol, is low in calories, fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, but high in beta-glucans. It also has all essential amino acids.

Pure Taste using the process of fermentation without genetically engineered micro-organisms that convert sugars into proteins. Instead, it uses shiitake mushrooms’ roots, mycelium, which turn pea and rice protein into a complete protein.

This is another example of the innovation happening in the protein space as more companies recognize that animal-based protein isn’t where consumers are looking. We’ve seen other plant proteins, such as pea, come to the forefront of the vegan food space and mushroom protein has the potential to show that there are a variety of ways to create healthy, sustainable protein options that can help shift our food system away from factory farming. Thanks to the deal with Naturex, the Pure Taste protein has a chance to reach a wide number of consumers – and become increasingly popular as a vegan and highly functional protein!

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Image source: Hans/Pixabay