There are some things that we simply cannot believe are true when we hear them. Unfortunately, in the case of a dog who was recently brought in to RED Collar Rescue, his previous guardian was not exaggerating when they said they had used motor oil to try and cure the dog’s mange.

Pete, the poor pup in question, was near death when he arrived as a result of the caustic and cruel “treatment.” “The pictures are hard to look at, and seeing Pete in person will definitely make you cry,”rescuers shared. Now, Pete is finally safe and getting the help he needs.


Pete was turned into the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, by his guardians. He clearly smelled of motor oil – a sign that the people had tried the dangerous “old-time” method to get rid of mange. This “treatment” has nothing to do with healing and it almost ended the dog’s life …

Apart from the life-threatening skin infection, Pete suffered from hookworms, anemia, conjunctivitis, had bleeding wounds all over his body, and was emaciated. He has since undergone blood transfusions and is now on IV fluids, antibiotics, pain meds, surgical bath scrubs, and more.



RED Collar Rescue and Sav-a-Pet have come together to help Pete. He is now getting the very best care the team can offer and his caretakers are doing everything to make him as comfortable as possible. Pete will need a very long time to recover after what was done to him, but hopefully, his shocking story will have a happy ending.

The rescuers also hope that animal cruelty charges will be brought against Pete’s prior “caregivers.” This sad story is a reminder to all pet guardians that you should NEVER attempt to cure a serious ailment without vet supervision. While it might seem like common sense that using motor oil to kill a skin infection would not be a good idea, this isn’t always the case. And PLEASE, if you ever see a dog in the kind of condition that Pete was in, report it to animal control authorities as soon as possible.


You can help Pete by making a donation to his medical care through the rescue’s website or by calling the clinic at 713-622-1270. To learn more about RED Collar Rescue, click here.

All image source: RED Collar Rescue/Facebook