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An abandoned dog covered in mange and scabies helplessly slept next to a wall outside of a store in South Texas. This sweet dog, named “Buddy” would kindly approach people with his big brown eyes as they went in and out of the store, and would plead for help … but no one stopped. The only friend Buddy had was a white Shepherd dog, Diana, who stayed by his side to provide comfort.

Finally, Lizbeth Pereyra-Bollinger from McAllen, Texas posted a desperate plea on Facebook for someone to please help rescue the dogs. The post quickly garnered attention from animal lovers all over, with funds pouring in for the dogs’ medical care. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a volunteer, and foster-based animal rescue group, agreed to help the two dogs. After such agonizing pain, the two dogs were finally going to receive the help they deserved.

No one knows how long Buddy and Diana were left to fend for themselves outside of the store, but given their condition, it had been a while. “There is not an inch of his body that is not infected,” says Rescue Dogs Rock NYC says on their Facebook page about Buddy.

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Buddy and Diana were immediately rushed to the emergency room. Both suffer from scabies, mange, infection, dehydration, and malnutrition. 


Not only that but Buddy has also been shot several times with a pellet gun, notes Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The vet said he didn’t know how Buddy even made it this far. 

We are so thankful that finally someone stopped to help these suffering dogs and now they are in the caring hands of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. We will be rooting for their recovery! 



As you can imagine, Buddy and Diana’s medical bills are piling up. If you are able to donate to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, click here. Even the smallest of donations can go a long way.

To learn more about the life-saving work Rescue Dogs Rock NYC does on behalf of our furry friends, visit their website. And please, always speak up when you see an animal in need! If you happen to come across a dog or cat, or any other animal in need, check out these Animal Rescue Hotlines.

Image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC