Sheep have been exploited for their meat, skin, and wool for centuries, and their passive nature has made them an easy target for predators of both the animal and human kind. Sheep are typically viewed strictly as commodities, as in a “flock of sheep,” rather than as individual living beings. An instance of this mentality is planned to occur in Woodditton, England in a senseless “sheep race.”

According to a petition on Care2, the St. Mary’s Church in Woodditton is planning this sheep racing event on July 9, 2017.  The sheep will be forced to run a course in the summer heat with stuffed animals strapped to their backs – as loud crowds cheer from the sidelines. Not only is this unnatural for the animals, but as timid, frightful creatures, this has to be absolutely terrifying for the sheep. To add insult to injury, the petition states the race will occur alongside a barbecue.

If you love lambs and sheep and hate to see them used this way for “entertainment,” please take a moment to sign this petition voicing your opinion and asking the St. Mary’s Church to cancel the event.

Please share this with your network and encourage your friends and family to sign the petition as well. And please see this story as a reason why animals are never ours to be used for entertainment!

Image Source: Skitterphoto/