No doubt about it, Green Monsters, the chimpanzees of this Earth have a lot to cope with. Many of these intelligent, sensitive animals are used in cruel “scientific” experiments – a phenomenon that is, thankfully, on the decline. In captive environments – such as zoos or other exotic animal attractions – they are deprived of the social bonds they would naturally experience in the wild, and confined to an area of space that represents only a fraction of the territory they would otherwise cover. Sadly, wild chimps are not free from human interference either: they are threatened by poaching, habitat loss and deforestation.

Meanwhile, chimps are often targeted by the exotic pet trade too and sold on to people who often lack the means, the knowledge and the experience to provide them with the care they need. However, the lucky few who are rescued from private ownership and brought to a reputable primate sanctuary have a chance to recover from their trauma and experience a far higher standard of living.


This recently happened to a chimp named Motambo, when he was saved by caring staff at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). Motambo was captured by illegal wildlife poachers – who intended to sell him as a pet – but luckily, the poachers’ plans were thwarted. He was brought to JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo, “with horrific wounds and in dire need of immediate medical intervention.” His carers were not sure that he would survive … but thankfully, the plucky guy pulled through, and is now enjoying sanctuary life to the full!