Ganesh the cat is a very lucky fellow who, along with his family, was the unfortunate victim of a house fire in Brooklyn, New York. After his family narrowly escaped the deadly blaze, poor Ganesh was forced to escape the only way he knew how. He jumped the 18 stories to the street below, where, luckily a crew of firefighters was waiting!

The good news is that Ganesh survived this fall, although he still sustained a number of injuries from the impact.


The firefighters rushed him to him to the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group, where he received surgery on his broken legs and the cracked hard palate in his mouth.

Since then, his recovery has been slow but steady. Unfortunately, surgery and round the clock veterinary care can be very expensive. The Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group of Brooklyn (VERG) took him in, and very  offered a grant through Positive Tails to help keep Ganesh alive. 

Although Ganesh has now recovered from his injuries, his family is still struggling to recover from the financial and emotional consequences of losing everything that they own. The remaining cost of his care equals out to $2,000, and the family is struggling to cover this expense.


To help pay for the cost of Ganesh’s medical care, a GoFundMe page was launched in his honor. In the most recent update, it is happily reported that Ganesh is out of the hospital. “He’s fat as ever and still walking with a limp but getting stronger every day, and full of vim and vigor and victory, he is,” the update explains. So far, GoFundMe page has raised over two-thirds of their goal!

Thanks to the amazing kindness of Positive Tails, the animal rescue group that helped get a grant for Ganesh’s care, and the kind contributors on Ganesh’s GoFundMe page, this kitty is well on his way back to a happy  healthy life!

To learn more about Positive Tails, check out their website here. If you happen to be in the New York area, they’re hosting a fundraiser event to help them provide more grants, as well as care for NYC’s needy animals, on February 11th. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards their amazing work. For more details, click here.


 All image source: ForGanesh/GoFundMe