Laurie Sullivan of Battle Creek, Michigan got the shock of her life last week when she went to take out the recycling and found a stray cay laying in the yard with a crossbow bolt through his neck. The cat, who Sullivan had seen around the neighborhood, seemed to know that she was an animal lover and meowed to her for help.

Sullivan picked the cat up carefully and took him to nearby Turner Veterinary Clinic, where Dr. Benjamin Huelsbergen assessed the animal’s condition. He told the Battle Creek Enquirer, “The arrow passed through the skin from left to right. It didn’t damage any muscle or bone in the neck, basically passing through the nape of the neck only. The arrow pulled out easily and should heal nicely with appropriate antibiotics.”

Laurie Sullivan recounts the terrible surprise. “I was mortified,” she said. “He lifted his head and looked at me and let me pick him up.” Luckily she has rescued cats before and knew exactly where to take this poor little guy.


After getting him stable, Sullivan contacted animal control where officer Mike Ehart launched an investigation. Although shooting a cat is a felony offence, there are a large number of strays in the area, which might make finding the culprit difficult. Last year alone, animal control officers collected between 1,700 and 1,800 stray cats and Ehart estimates there are thousands more roaming the city. Most are the result of what happens when unaltered pets are thrown out into the streets and left to breed uncontrollably.

Animal Control Officer Mike Ehart shows the 15 inch bolt that was pulled out from the poor kitty’s neck. If caught the shooter faces up to four years in prison.

Today this lucky kitty is resting with Laurie Sullivan at her home, where he is to be kept in quarantine for a week while he recovers.


Sullivan, who has five indoor cats and feeds several groups of feral cats is currently trying to find a home for this poor little guy, who seems to be a discarded house pet. This fella has obviously been lucky so far, in finding the help that he needs. Hopefully, he is well on his way to a forever home, too.

All image source: Battle Creek Examiner