Orca whales are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. These magnificent mammals have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to thrive in their marine environment. Although they are known as “killer” whales, they are known to share incredibly deep and meaningful bonds with their pod members. Not to mention, their brains are more complex and developed than humans’. There is no denying the fact that orcas are extremely dynamic individuals, but unfortunately, this fact hasn’t stopped humans from keeping them locked up in captivity for the purpose of our entertainment.

Knowing what we do about orca whales, it should come as little surprise that taking them from the ocean and putting them in a tank that is equivalent to the size of a fish bowl causes them to go completely insane with boredom and frustration. The heartbreaking video above captures one of these moments. Taken at Loro Parque by an activist, this footage shows an orca, who is being held in a medical pool, throwing a panicked fit. It is incredibly difficult to listen to the screeching as he rams his head against the sides of the enclosure, but it is the sad reality for countless orcas who are forced into this life in captivity.

Loro Parque is currently the largest tourist attraction in Spain and six of the whales in its care, including Morgan, are on loan from SeaWorld. While tides might be turning against marine captivity in the U.S., there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for the same to happen across the world. We can all help captive animals by sharing their stories and videos like this one that show the true cost of our entertainment. It is far past time to #EmptyTheTanks.