Orcas are truly some of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. They display social behaviors that are unmistakably similar to our own and have been recorded protecting humans and other wildlife from more aggressive prey animals like sharks.

But  their reputation as ruthless man-eating hunters precedes them despite their passive and occasionally heroic actions. So when the pod of inquisitive orcas in this video decided to tail a small motorboat off of the coast of San Diego Bay, it’s no surprise that those aboard felt a little uncomfortable.


At first, it seems like the boaters were trying to observe the whales from a distance. But whales are curious, smart creatures who are always eager to explore a strange new stimulus. As the orcas get closer, the boaters made a good attempt to put some distance between themselves and the whales, but orcas have been recorded at top speeds of 40 miles an hour and higher. In truth, if the orcas wanted to flip the boat, they could’ve done it at any time.

However, there has never been a single incident of an orca harming a human in the wild, sadly, the same can’t be said for captive orcas. This is just more proof that animals like orcas are actually more dangerous in captivity.

Image source: Elaine Thompson/AP